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Mud and Clay. Mud is defined as the mixture of soil, loam, silt, or clay with water. It Clay Bricks and Blocks Types of Building Materials. The mud bricks are known as the Clay Sand. Sand is a generally granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral Aggregates. Aggregates are the most commonly used material in construction. Also, Stone or Rock. Rock is naturally available material. It is used in construction at different Thatch. With the help of dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, sedge, rushes, heather, Wood and Timber. Timber is the one type of wood which is been used for the construction Fired Brick and Clay Blocks. Generally Fired bricks made from the fire clay and is used for Cement. The cement is a fine powder material, which is been used for a binder the Fabric. In civil engineering, the use of fabric in many places, but nowadays a fabric is used Steel Sheet & Plate US Milled Steel Sheet & PlateWe stock steel sheet and plate in 36, 48, and 60 widths and in 96, 120, and 144 lengths. Our metal services include custom cut-to-size sheet and plate options to fit your exact specifications. If you are unsure which type of steel plate or steel sheet product you need, please contact us or stop by one of our California or Arizona locations.

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