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Transport rail . Railway rails are one of the most widely used types of rail . Hamer offers both short rails and long ones, 120m in length. Various types of vignole railway rails available on request. Rails most commonly in demand Rails M48, 49E1 (S49), 49E5, 54E1 (UIC54), 54E2, 54E3, 54E4, 54E5, 60E1 (UIC60), 60E2, R65 University of Wollongong Research OnlineCrane rail Heavy load hoisting cranes with high wheel loads . 2.2 Fastening Systems . The fastening system, or fastenings, includes every component that connects the rail to the sleeper. Fastenings clamp the rail gauge within acceptable tolerances and then absorb forces from the rails and transfer them to the sleepers.

Various Fishplates for Railways and Cr

railroad fishplate fishplate joint BS Standard Fishplates for Railway Rails

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